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Allergy Warning

We have several students at our school with severe allergies to nuts, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab), latex (present in gloves and balloons), and eggs. Please plan your child’s lunch with consideration for the health and safety of these students. We all thank you for your cooperation. NO NUT / PEANUT / TREE NUT / SHELLFISH FOOD PRODUCTS ARE ALLOWED.

Staff are more than happy to meet with you. If you wish to speak to a teacher, please make an appointment. PLEASE DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR CHILD’S CLASS.

Regular attendance and punctuality are the responsibility of both the student and the parent. Lost time can have serious negative effects on student progress. If your child is absent, please call the school (905-523-2341) by 9:00 a.m. Messages can be left on the answering machine outside of office hours. Students arriving after the morning or the afternoon bell are considered LATE. Students who are late must check in with the office first. The secretary will give the students a late slip to give to their teachers to get into class. Lates and absences will be monitored closely by the office.

Bring Your Own Device Policy
Please read and understand the entire board policy on Mobile Digital Devices A.12 as posted on the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board website at: ...

Safety on our buses is a primary concern so we must expect that students listen to the drivers. Students will take a seat promptly when they board the bus and must remain seated for the duration of the route. Students will be picked up and discharged at their assigned stop only. Bus stops cannot be changed without the consent of the Transportation Department. If there is a problem on the bus, the bus driver will write up a pink slip and contact the school. The incident will be investigated and may result in the student having bus privileges removed for a period of time. Please remember that the safety of the child is the responsibility of the parent between the home and the bus stop.

Catholic School Council
The Catholic School Council is an advisory body of volunteers who provide input into a number of areas that lead to school improvement. They will focus on student learning and success. Meetings are open to the entire parent community. Council meets in the Learning Commons at the school. Please check the school’s monthly newsletter for meeting dates and times. An election for the Catholic School Council will be held in the fall. Once again, the school newsletter will have details.

Change of Contact Information
Please notify the office in writing if you are moving. If your address, or home/cell/work phone numbers change, please contact us immediately.

Driving Students to School
All students are encouraged to walk to school as often as possible. Walking benefits student fitness, reduces traffic, and helps the environment. If you do need to drive your child to school, in order to ensure the safety of all children, please remember to obey all traffic signs and parking signs. It is recommended that you park your car across the street or on a side street if you wish to walk your children to school. Our school parking lot is limited and we would appreciate your cooperation in leaving it available for staff members and school board employees. The bus drivers would appreciate a clear pathway for their entry and exit to our school. Our staff supervision schedule starts at 15 minutes before the morning bell so students should not arrive to school before this time.

Home-School Communication
To help keep you informed we make available to you the following: Our staff is committed to working closely with parents/ guardians and students to ensure communication is open to all.

Internet - Posting Information
The Keeping our Kids Safe at School Act came into effect on February 1st, 2010. It explains what must happen when serious student incidents or inappropriate student behaviour takes place at school.

With the passing of this act, students who post inappropriate things on the internet at school or at home (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Hotmail, etc.) which negatively affects the school climate may be suspended or expelled depending on the nature of the issue. The police may also be involved.

Students are warned not to post any information about other students on the internet or serious consequences may occur.

Please do not send your child to school if they are not well enough to participate in all activities, including outdoor recess. If a student becomes ill during school hours, the student will be directed to the office and a parent or emergency contact person will be called.

Lost and Found
If a child does lose something, the lost and found box should be checked. We encourage parents and students to look through the box for misplaced items. Lost valuables such as rings, watches, etc., will be kept in the office.
*The school is NOT responsible for any items lost at school.

Lunch Procedures
All students who eat lunch at school ARE NOT PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE SCHOOL PROPERTY during the lunch period. Students who choose to stay at school for lunch must stay each and every day. The parent or guardian may pick up their child to go out for lunch.

Medication at School
Any students who must take medication on a daily basis at school must have their parents and their physician complete the medication permission forms which are available at the office. This form is required by School Board Regulation and must be kept on file. Please notify the school if medication distribution stops so that all medication can be returned to the parent/guardian as soon as possible. Unprescribed medications, such as cough syrup or Tylenol, or short term medication such as antibiotics should not be sent to school as school staff are not authorized to administer it. These should be administered at home, before school or after school.

Personal Property
Any personal belongings brought to school are the student’s responsibility and should be clearly labelled. Expensive items, such as electronic games and equipment, cell phones, pagers, card collections, and other trendy toys should NOT be brought to school.

Public Display of Photographs and Student Information
Your child’s name and/or picture may appear or be published on our bulletin boards, and/or be used by the Parish, the Catholic School Council, or the School Board for public display. Please refer to the school’s September newsletter for more details and information. It contains a form which parent’s are required to sign.

Student Appointments & Early Dismissal
Students who are to be dismissed from school before the normal dismissal times (lunch time or the end of the day) are asked to bring a note to their teacher and/or the office and must arrange for a parent/guardian to pick them up at the office. For safety reasons, students will NOT be allowed to walk home alone during school hours. If someone other than the parent or guardian is to pick up the student, please send a note to the teacher and inform the office. Parents/guardians are asked to sign students “in” and “out” at the office.

Student of the Month Award
Each month, beginning in September students in grades FDK to grade 8 will have a chance to receive an Academic, Virtue, and Striving for Excellence award based on our yearly school goals.

Visitors are welcome to come to our school. In accordance with the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board policy, all visitors must report to the office upon entering the school. You will be required to wear a visitor’s badge/sticker and sign in and out as you enter and leave.

Weather Conditions/Footwear
Weather conditions are carefully monitored and students are not sent outside if it is raining or extremely cold or hot. Please ensure that children come to school dressed properly for the weather conditions. In order to keep classrooms dry and clean, indoor shoes at school are required.

Work Left at School
Students are reminded to take all school work/books they need for homework at dismissal time. We understand that a child may forget their work and want to return to the school. For safety reasons, students/parents may enter the building between 3:20 - 4:00 p.m. After that, only parents/ students belonging to the Before & After Care Program may enter the building.

Behaviour Code

Students Will:
1. Speak and treat each other with respect and with manners.
2. Keep their hands to themselves and avoid harmful bodily contact - “Hands-off Policy”.
3. Use appropriate language at all times and respect the school property and the property of others.
4. Be prepared and prompt for school classes.
5. Line up quietly at the bell and enter the school in an orderly and quiet manner.
6. Remove hats upon entering the school.
7. Keep their workspace respectable and neat.
8. Use audio-visual equipment/computers only in the presence of a teacher. Eating and
drinking near the equipment is not permitted.
9. Refrain from chewing gum at school or on school property.
10. Use the washroom before or after recess with the teacher's permission.
11. Follow the Board’s Internet Policy.

Recess Rules
1. Remain on school property.
2. For safety reasons, students must use softly textured balls while on the playground.
3. Respect the property of others.
4. Avoid games with potentially harmful bodily contact.
5. During winter months stay off snow hills and do not throw snowballs.

Lunch Rules
1. Follow all school rules.
2. Remain seated in your own class until dismissal.
3. Clean up after yourself.
4. Remain on school property throughout the entire lunch period.
5. Demonstrate courtesy to all Lunchroom Supervisors and Leaders.

Personal Property
Any personal belongings brought to school are the student’s responsibility and should be clearly labelled. Expensive items, such as electronic games and equipment, cell phones, pagers, card collections, and other trendy toys should NOT be brought to school.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect for themselves and others. All students will be expected to demonstrate respect for authority, consideration and respect for others, good work habits, self-control and will consistently show good effort in all that they do.

To this end, students will:

1. Respect the ideas and respond positively to the achievements of others.
2. Put forth their best effort in all that is done during the school day.
3. Be punctual and consistent in attendance.
4. Demonstrate self- discipline.
5. Behave and speak courteously and respectfully to all members of the school community.
6. Bring to school and classes all necessary materials.
7. Complete and return all homework assignments.
8. Bring their agenda planner to class every day and maintain it as required by their teachers.
9. Show respect and care for all school property.
10. Be aware of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour and the use of profanity.
11. Neither take nor touch another person's property without his/her permission.