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Bullying Prevention and Intervention

St. Joachim Catholic School Bullying Prevention, Intervention and Follow up Plan for 2017-2018


• Christian Meditation – whole school and in classrooms
• Health Action Team – lessons adapted to each grade to help de-stress, kindness rocks,
• Hat Team provided a Well-being Fair for the entire school participation with the focus of the Wellness Initiatives and Fair- 5 Ways to Mental Well Being
• Friendship Bench inside and outside of the school
• Strategies to de-stress after recess with– yoga, silent reading, soothing music and Christian meditation
• Invite Public Health Nurse presentation on 5 Ways to Mental Well-being Athletes and Police Liaison Officer presentations for class and whole school assembly on and on Social Media and Cyberbullying
• Parent community – communication via newsletter, assemblies, blasts etc.
• Observation of students- self practice strategies in the playground, classroom and at home by having students participate in LEAD games on the playground and use Restorative Practice questions
• Follow – up survey where we have student input and reflections by our Health Action Team in our Family Groupings to promote “Each Belongs”
• Suggestion Box provided in each classroom for students to include their reflections
• Establish a safe and supportive learning environment in the classroom (shared set of class norms at the beginning of the school year that everyone in the class helps to create.

2. Advocacy at school
• 3-2-1- Behaviour Rule
• Restorative Practices use of questions – What Happened? How Did this make you feel? And What do you think you need to do to make this right?
• Staff team education with Restorative Practice Training, School Nurse provides resources and presentation to the staff
• Make daily announcements with a positive message of the day: “In our school we treat everyone with RESPECT” Catch
• Include articles in the school newsletters to increase positive behaviours
• Pink Shirt Day, Purple Shirt Day (Child Abuse Prevention Awareness day), Orange Shirt Day (Each Child Matters) and Terry Fox Run
• Restorative Justice Kit available for teacher to use in class
• Students will have a better relationship with teachers as they solve their problems using the Restorative Justice questions
• Share with staff, students and parents the results of the “Tell Them from Me” Survey and then have students re- write the survey this year to compare the results.

3. Bullying and Exclusion
• 3-2-1- Rule
• Implementing the Bully Prevention Kit (Library) and supplementary resources for Parents and teachers
• Family Groupings where student’s role plays different scenarios (Kindness and bullying)
• Have students make posters during Bully Awareness Week in November and participate in the Knights of Columbus/ Police Dept. poster contest on bullying
• Weekly and daily brag and drag
• Hand-off policy (e.g. solving conflicts with physicality is not accepted)
• Enforcement of the Hamilton – Wentworth Catholic District School Board Policy on Safe Schools (Progressive Discipline when necessary), Bullying Behaviour, and Code of Students Conduct and Discipline
• Active Supervision on the schoolyard with continued circulation by all staff
• Active Schoolyard: Provide space to play on blacktop and field – DPA equipment purchased for each class and stenciled games on the playground for student engagement
• Friendship Bench is provided on the playground and in the school for students to resolve conflicts and feel inclusion
• Provide opportunities for student leadership in the school such as student council, tech crew, office helpers, bus patrollers, ECO Club, HAT team members, Robotic team, and lunch monitors
• To feel a sense of inclusion we provide opportunities for all students to participate in DPA, and CYO teams (Flag football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country and Track and Field)
• Establish a safe and supportive learning environment in the classroom (shared set of class norms at the beginning of the school year that everyone in the class helps to create.
• Implementation of the Restorative Practice for all students to focus being part of the solution rather than the problem, using appropriate language and promoting positive change in the school.