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Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission

With Our Lord, Jesus Christ as our guide, it is the mission of St. Joachim Elementary School to:
- Motivate students to lead exemplary lives that reflect Catholic values and a commitment of service to others.
- Create a learning environment that promotes high standards of achievement in a positive atmosphere that provides opportunities designed to meet individual needs.
- Foster a diverse learning community through mutual respect where teachers, staff, parents, and students are enthusiastic about the teaching/learning process.

Our Vision

It is the vision of St. Joachim School Community that our school reflects:
- the life of Jesus Christ
- the teachings of the Catholic Church
- the morals and values of our faith
- open communication
- high standards of academic achievement
- an environment that develops problem solving, responsible, independent learners
- a community that promotes collaborative, self-directed learning
- the technological advances in our society
- a caring, diverse and inclusive environment that promotes respect for self and others

Our Values

With Jesus Christ as our model, our students will leave St. Joachim:
- with respect for the dignity and worth of each individual
- as a self directed problem solver
- as a positive contributor to society by promoting the sacredness of life and working toward the common good.